From the Director

The directors of Granvue Homes have been actively engaged in the volume building industry, personally managing the timely commencement, construction and completion of hundreds of dwellings annually.

Whilst this experience has proven invaluable in terms of the planning and quality control aspects of constructions, it has also highlighted a huge void in the industry. That void is “flexibility” and personalised service to the customer. Until now, the benefit of the lower pricing structure associated with volume builders has been at the cost of personal attention and service to the customer. Most people interviewed stated that they would not rebuild with nor recommend their volume builder. As with other things in life, there are extremes and there is a happy medium.

At Granvue Homes, we are resolute in maintaining a happy medium, which we define as: the level of turnover which enables us to achieve maximum cost efficiences for our customers and does not compromise the quality of our products, nor our ability to provide the flexibility and personal service that every customer deserved in undertaking the biggest financial decision they are likely to make in their lifetime. We are committed to transparency in all aspects of our homes, which is why we say the Difference is Clear when choosing to build with Granvue Homes. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive range of standard inclusions in the marketplace.

Sash Mickoshi, Director image

"At Granvue Homes we aim to make you feel you're our only customer. After all, the best form of advertising is a referral from a satisfied client."

Sash Mickoski