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About Display Home investing and all the benefits

Display Home investment and
guaranteed returns

Imagine if you could buy an investment property, beautifully constructed and landscaped – offering a guaranteed rental return of approximately 8% for up to five years. The purchase price also includes the perfect tenants, (ready to move in once the certificate of occupancy is granted), who keep the place spotless (both inside and outside), plus pay for the investment property to be professionally cleaned a couple of times a week. In fact, the tenants are so great there is no need for a property manager, therefore you save on property management fees too. Sound too good to be true? Surprisingly, it’s not.

What we are talking about is a Granvue Homes Display Home. From time to time, we sell our Display Homes to savvy investors looking to invest in a high yielding rental property. Today more and more Australian investors are discovering the benefits of buying a Granvue Display Home and leasing it back to Granvue Homes at a guaranteed commercial rate for as long as we need it.

As with all investments in property, we recommend potential buyers do their homework to ensure this is the right investment option for them, as there are a number of considerations to take into account when considering a Display Home as an investment. Please talk to a qualified Financial Advisor or Accountant to understand all the ins and outs. The points below, as constructed by 'Australian Property Investor, November 2012,' highlights many of the advantages associated with buying a display home as an investment:

  • Guaranteed tenant (the builder) for the lifespan of the display village, which could be anywhere up to five years.
  • High rental yield while the property is a Display Home, because the builder pays rent at a commercial rate.
  • Even though the rent is paid at a commercial rate, the property is treated as a residential building for tax purposes.
  • The house is often of the highest quality as the builder has used the latest and highest specification appliances and finishes to showcase their best work to new home buyers viewing the property.
  • Depreciation can still be claimed.
  • High short term returns during the lease back period could generate sufficient income to fund a deposit on the next addition to your investment portfolio.
  • Gardens and outdoor areas have been landscaped and well maintained by the builder while the property operates as a Display Home.
  • Builders/developers make great tenants and often have the property professionally cleaned at least twice a week.
  • If the home is part of a Display Village, your investment property will be surrounded by quality homes on an attractive street (the best street in the estate).
  • There is no need for a property manager, therefore you save on property management fees.
  • The home is likely to attract quality tenants and at a premium rent once the builders leased is finished and you're looking for a new renter based on the quality of the home.

Where to next?

If what you've read above sounds like a great opportunity (because it is) and you've gone and done your research as to whether this is a viable investment for you, then keep an eye on this page of our website for all our Display Home investment purchase opportunities or you can submit your interest via our enquiry form. We regularly build new Display Homes and list them here for sale. Purchasing a display home is definitely worth your consideration and a terrific option for many first time investors seeking some surety to minimise risk in the first few years of building an investment portfolio.

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