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Are your finances in check? We can help.

Few would disagree that choosing the right home loan is as important as choosing the right home. Often, however, the due diligence of researching loan options is eclipsed by the excitement of the new 'bricks ‘n mortar'. This oversight can cost you, the borrower, thousands of dollars over the loan term. There is quite a lot more to a home loan than finding the best home loan interest rate. In fact, selecting a loan product based on rate alone could prove to be very costly in the long term.

Because loan selection is an integral part of the home buying process, buyers should be made fully aware of their options. This does not need to be complicated - and we’re here to help.

To assist finding the right home for your budget, with the right home loan for your circumstances, we have a group of home loan lenders we can recommend to assist you in this very important process. Each lender offers first hand experience in delivering new home construction loans and have access to multiple lenders, who can give you the right support to get your new home financed safely and securely. Of course, you’re more than welcome to arrange your own finance, however if you need a start point or advice please feel free to talk to us.