Knockdown Rebuild

If you’re considering rebuilding on your current home site, we understand that knowing where to start can be daunting. This is where we can make a difference

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At Granvue Homes we have specialised staff and processes for knockdown and rebuild developments. Moreover, we offer you the complete package. We do more than just build the home. We are willing to assist with all or any of the five key phases;


Obtaining information from all the relevant regulatory bodies to establish what is permissible on the site.


Assessment of existing conditions on the subject site and adjoining properties.


Customise a design to suit your requirements, whilst complying with RES-CODE and any other regulatory requirements.


Construction of your home commences in an agreed month, with a fixed price contract, and guaranteed completion date.

A specialised area needs specialist help

The process of designing a dwelling in an established area is considerably more onerous than the same exercise on a similarly sized block in a new housing estate. This is because of the sensitivities associated with features and conditions of an established block which have formed over many years. Aspects of the established precinct often trigger a heightened level of ‘respect’ that needs to be reflected in the new home design, ensuring compatibility with the site and neighbourhood, character and characteristics.

At Granvue Homes we have a designated process for knockdown – rebuild developments, one that establishes the relevant facts up front. Once the due diligence is completed we turn our efforts to the design, confident that there are no unknowns.

Our process and knowledge will ensure that your new home plan is compliant, satisfies your design requirements, and is within your budget.

We have a purpose designed Procedure of Purchase for knockdown- rebuild developments. It outlines the steps for investigation in a logical and practical sequence. The critical path affords you the transparency and predictability. For further information or to arrange a free no obligation consultation, just complete our enquiry form.